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Navigating your MT4 charts should be easy!

Using this tool you can easily scan through pairs without selecting a new pair from the market-watch. Markups are saved and stored on each pair independently while only using 1 chart!

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This is a MUST HAVE if your a active day trader!


Fantastic Tool!

I love using this! It makes navigating the charts much easier!

Christian Pierce

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I’ve been trading for over 4 years and I’ve never


I’ve been trading for over 4 years and I’ve never experienced the consistency of wins as I now have from this indicator! This is by far the best tool out there to get you on the fast track to making money trading Forex.. I highly recommend this indicator to anyone looking to trade Forex! Great job!

Todd R.

Great strategy. I don’t follow that many pairs.


Great strategy. I don’t follow that many pairs. What these indicators do is get me in the game when I’m not even looking. It gets me to trade pairs that I don’t normally trade. Which is a good thing because that’s more profits. I get an alert and within a minute or two of checking my charts, I can enter a trade. He gives you more chances to get on base and in the game of trading that is awesome. Thanks man!

Sara W.

The team of people that also have the strategy is great


“Ken is one of the most supportive mentors I meet in FX market. He teaches a full strategy with risk management, entry, stop loss. The team of people that also have the strategy is great and everybody supports each other.”

Wakie D.

STS Is The Definition Of A True Mastermind

We truly pride ourselves on the fact that our members gain REAL results and learn LIFE CHANGING skills!

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