Enjoy precise trade entries with our custom built indicators.

Simplify your trading by combining a proven strategy with our custom built indicators. Each indicator sends push notifications and comes with a strategy video explaining how to use.

All of the indicators listed below are available through mentorship program.

TWK Buyers VS Sellers Indicator

Push Notifications

This indicator will send push notifications to your phone or email. Very convenient for “on the go traders”

No Repainting

No repainting ever. After the color changes, the signal remains and the trade is ready to take.

Trade With The Trend

The indicator is designed to help you trade in the direction of the trend, the visual appearance makes it very easy to make trading decisions.

– This indicator is designed to keep you trading in the direction of the trend.

– Taking trades as candles change colors or looking for trading opportunities in direction of the trend.

– Receive push notification when candles change colors.

–  Scanner version – coming soon

TWK Easy 123 Indicator

Push Notifications

This indicator will send push notifications to your phone or email. 2 step alerts bring you to your PC when its time to trade.

Reversal Indicator

The indicator scans all pairs for reversals on a DAILY timeframe. Very powerful price action setups come from these reversals.

Built in Scanner

Load this indicator on only 1 chart and it will scan all other pairs in the background. It will add a clickable list of alerts to the chart for easy navigation. Stay organized and never miss a trade.

– This indicator is as easy as 123.

– We receive reversals on D1 timeframe and then we take entries on 15 min timeframe as price passes the previous day high or low / depending on direction of reversal.

– 2 step alerts – 1st alert lets you know what pairs have a reversal for the day and the 2nd alert lets you know when the previous day high or low is hit. This brings you attention to the chart when its ready to trade.

– Very powerful trades. When a reversal happens on a D1 time frame it can provide very profitable trading conditions.

– Scanner feature keeps MT4 platform clear and organized. All alerts are added to a clickable list on the chart. When you click the alert, indicator will open a new blank chart with only previous day high/low displayed. Ready to trade.

– Customize all you want. You can choose what time frame you want alerts from, what color the scanner is and what time frame to receive 2nd alert on. 

TWK MITB 5.0 Indicator

Push Notifications

This indicator will send push notifications to your phone

Works on all Time Frames

You can use this indicator on any time frame. The tool pulls price action points from the next higher time frame and sends alerts when price reaches the trade zone.

Great risk-Reward

This tool is great for catching big trades. Tiny amount of pips risked for a big reward. Simple arrow system for entry.

– This indicator uses price action points from higher timeframes for your alerts.

– Simple arrow indicator with an audible alert and push notification to be sent. Using price action for entry you can expect very good R/R trades with this tool.

– Works great on Gold, indices and crypto. Works on all Forex pairs.

– Can be used on as low as 1min chart.

TWK V3.5 Indicator

Push Notifications

This indicator will send push notifications to your phone or email.

Scanner function enabled. (Scans all pairs while running on only 1 chart)

Trade Bank Levels

The trade levels this indicator plots for you are the same levels that banks, financial institutions and commercial traders would trade from. Using these levels as a trigger for your trade can be very profitable.

build Consistency with a proven trade plan

This specific indicator is paired with a strategy/trade plan that works great for long term wealth generation. The indicator updates as new price levels become available.

– This indicator uses ONLY price action from high time frames. These are the same levels that larger institutions trade. Trading these areas give very good trades. You will notice a sharp reaction every time price reaches the line.

– The indicator is setup as a scanner, meaning you load on one chart and it will scan all pairs in the background.

– The trades are based completely on price action. Trading the first reaction of the line is the best way to secure profits.

– Provides very good risk to reward trades. If you are working or have a busy schedule this indicator works great for you. All alerts are sent by email, push notification and pop up alerts. Very easy to scan through alerts and spot trading opportunities.

– Does all the hard work for you. All you need to do is wait for alerts and trade

TWK Auto Support & Resistance Indicator

Automatic Levels

The indicator will update ONLY as new price levels appear, Keeps you trading the most recent price action only

Very easy to use

Very simple design. This indicator is excellent for beginners, keeps your charts clear and provides optimum trade levels 

Proven Trade Plan

The strategy that is used with this indicator is very easy. I have offered free trials to people without price action training and even they can profit

– This indicator uses the most recent price action points that are available.

– Combining price action points from higher time frames allows us to enter with small trade setups, taking advantage of HUGE risk to reward trades.

The indicator will update as new price points are available. (NON REPAINTING) Only updating when new S/R is available. Ensuring you are trading only fresh price action.

The minor lines (purple) provide great intraday opportunities while the Orange and Red lines can be used for reversal trading or swing trades.

Alerts will be added soon.

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