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All alerts are sent to a private server that members have access to.

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Leverage the power of our exclusive strategies to profit in the market.

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Get access to an exclusive chat group full of long-term members.

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Access exclusive custom-built indicators, designed for any style of trading. Long term, intraday and scalping

Each indicator comes with its own how-to-use video. Indicators are easy to use and have built in notifications. Never miss a trade!

STS Trading Courses

Advanced Price Action Trading

From basics to advanced. Reversal trading and trend trading. We help you train your eyes to see price action opportunities.

Fundamental Analysis

We teach a VERY simple strategy for trading high impact news events. Gain an understanding of economic events and how they affect the market.

Live Webinars and Chat Group

Get access to 2 live webinars per week, market overview included. In addition, gain access to an exclusive live chat group for discussion and support.


This method was one of the simplest and most effective I’ve ever seen in Forex. When the new V2 indicator was introduced it was GAME OVER!!! Great customer service as well. I don’t think it took Ken MORE than 4-5 hours to respond to my questions. He’s also a very humble guy which is refreshing to see in this Forex industry. Thank you for this opportunity!
Sam K.
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This is the best indicator and strategy you will ever find.. Stop wasting your time and money looking for anything else, just get your hands on this and change your way of trading and your lifestyle. Thanks for changing so many lives out here by sharing this precious weapon which helps you everyday to cut through the market to find those winning trades.
Mohammed M.
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Ken’s strategy is the simplest and easiest in this industry. If you hold a 7am-4pm a day job, Ken’s indicator is custom designed for you. It delivers trade alerts to your phone. This way, you don’t miss any opportunity to trade. One more good thing to know, Ken’s got a pleasant personality and excellent working relationship with the members of his team. Thanks!
Andrew D.
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Great strategy. I don’t follow that many pairs. What this indicator does is get me in the game when I’m not even looking. It gets me to trade pairs that I don’t normally trade. Which is a good thing because that’s more profits. I get an alert and within a minute or two of checking my charts I can enter a trade. He gives you more chances to get on base and in the game of trading that is awesome. Thanks man.
Jacob R.
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I love the simplicity of this indicator. I am busy with my business so I love getting alerted on the set-up. I don’t have to sit and watch charts all day! Thanks!
Robert R
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Excellent support, easy to use, straight forward training. Do not overlook the “mentor program” he has a passion to help you make pips.
Gary A.
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Great indicator and strategy for Forex. I recommended it if you looking for big break outs in the market. He makes learning the fundamentals MUCH easier! Thank you!
Angel G.
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This is amazing! Not only does he make trading simple, he offers support! That’s what is most important! That’s the key to trading; Support. I’m so glad that I made this invest. Well worth it! Thanks Ken!
Kristy W.
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Great indicator, great strategies and great support from group and Ken, most definitely a group I’m sticking with for the foreseeable future Simple technique for trade entries and exits. It’s virtually all done for you!
Ajay B.
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