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Your Blueprint For Success

Any 6 or 7 figure trader will tell you that if you fail to plan, you’re planning to fail. The problem is that it can take years - and costly mistakes - to experiment and find the right trading plan. Well, Not anymore. You’ll get every aspect of a powerful trading plan to start succeeding in FOREX trading!

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Continual Learning & Support

Our goal is to help you start earning FAST! You can read dozens of books or take course after course. But learning how to trade at a high level requires real-time mentorship, feedback and support. STS offers live mentorship, personal development, and coaching to transition you from learning to earning!

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Gain Freedom Through Trading

Many people think they’re not cut out for trading after poor initial results. Our custom indicators, fundamental analysis, and push notifications take you to an advanced level faster than any other program on the market. You can do all of this without spending hours and hours in front of a computer!

Why Do So Many People Fail At Trading?

Like any new skill, trading can take time to learn. Previously, learning how to profit in the lucrative forex market was a privilege reserved for only a chosen few.

But technology has leveled the playing field like never before! Now anyone can significantly supplement their income, or transition into a full-time trader.

I will tell you what the big problem is - There is SO much information and advice out there. It can be dizzying and very misleading!

Some traders hop from one strategy to the next while wasting years in the process.

Others try to apply so many indicators that their charts look more like modern art than helpful tools!

And others end up joining trading “groups”. They are more concerned with having members recruit others or “build a downline” than they are with teaching the nuts and bolts of an actual trading plan and strategy!

After blowing a few accounts, 90% of traders simply throw in the towel out of a sense of hopelessness.

STS Offers A Full Solution To Thriving In Forex Trading

Learn Advanced Price Action Methods

Learn trading methods that are not being taught anywhere else! These simple, yet effective strategies are VERY easy to implement and can have you profiting right away!

01. Failed Breakouts

Learn EXACTLY when its the best time to trade a failed breakout. This happens many times in the market and provides very profitable low-risk trades.

02. Trading Breakouts With The Trend

Enter with EXTREME accuracy on breakout trades while following the trend. Learn a very easy 3-step process to confirm your entries.

03. Trends and Reversals

Analyze the markets with CLARITY. We teach how to identify a continuation in trend or verify with high accuracy when there is a reversal coming. With proper understanding, these provide very profitable trades.

Fundamental News Analysis

While technical analysis is important, understanding how sentiment moves the market can both make - and SAVE - you serious money.

STS teaches you how to gain an edge off of relevant economic events.
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Learn How To Read High Impact News Releases

Learn a simple way to interpret high impact, economic news releases/data. These happen daily and cause the market to move very quickly. All the data is available for you to use while making a trade decision.

Trade News Releases With Ease

Using our proven method. Easily capture profit by setting your trades up in advance. No more scrambling before a major release. Price moves quickly and can hit your targets faster when trading these news events.

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Understand Currency Strength

Learn how to identify a currency’s strength in comparison to other currencies. This can give you a MAJOR edge when placing your trades. Understanding how to use this data in combination with news releases, makes a very profitable strategy.

When you combine fundamental understanding with our proven price action strategy, you get a full picture of the forex market.

This is the sort of multi-dimensional analysis and insight that the market movers use, and most retail traders ignore!

STS Mentorship = Access to 7 figure traders! Live webinars and an entire community of support.

Creating a Complete Trade Plan

Besides the technical aspects, you will also learn about active trade management, money management, risk, exposure, planning your trades and establishing a routine. After completing the course, you will have the know-how to become a professional trader with a complete trade plan.

Live Webinars & Recorded Webinars

Access these webinars live. We cover all pairs and look for highly probable trade setups for the week. Follow up with a Q&A. The goal is to get everybody engaged, learning and profiting.

Live Group Chat

Access our live group chat, hundreds of long term members help support, guide and encourage new members as they learn the strategies. Moderators keep the group focused and every trade is open for discussion. You're never far from a professional this way, you're free to chat at anytime if you ever have questions.

You’ll never be left feeling stuck or alone.

There’s no substitute for having professional mentorship. Trying to learn about the world of forex – plus develop a proven trading plan – would take you YEARS!

Maybe you’ve already tried other routes and found this out first-hand…

Simple Trading Solutions provides the opportunity for ANYBODY to become an elite trader. We pride ourselves on our members results and we are excited to help you on your journey!

The STS community and training is not just another “Program” – Its the new standard in Forex education.

Questions & Answers

Q: What is my commitment by joining?

A: You’re not bound by any kind of contract. Cancel at any time.

Q: Does the price cover everything?

A: Absolutely! Everything created by STS is made available to you based on the package you select. You can access all STS education and tools with your purchase. We do have partnerships that allow you access to other tools if you choose,  completely optional!

Q: Is there an affiliate program?

A: While we do offer a great affiliate program where you can earn from introducing others to STS, it’s not our main focus. Unlike other programs out there, we don’t pressure you to start “building your downline.” Our affiliate program is simply there for those who are interested.

Q: What if I’ve never made a single trade yet?

A: Then you’re in the perfect place! You are lucky enough to not have created bad habits that can cost new traders big money.

Now Is The Time!

Simple Trading Solutions is a cutting-edge approach to teaching people to make money in the Forex market.

No other career offers the flexibility, freedom, or earning potential that trading allows for. Now technology has made it possible to achieve it all. We’re ready to guide you every step of the way.

Many of our students offset the monthly fee with their profits within the first 30 days!

Don’t wonder what could have been. For less than what some people spend at Starbucks every month, you can begin today and start building a financial legacy for yourself and your family.

Our academies & live mentorship empower you with the skill set needed and knowledge to help you build real wealth & time freedom!

Are you ready to change your life?

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