A few things you will learn

We hold 2 live webinars per week for training. Presenting a market overview at the beginning of each week to discuss economics events and how we can profit from them.

Learn how to read HI News Release

Learn a simple way to interpret high impact, economic news releases/data. These happen daily and causes the market to move very quickly. All the data is available for you to use while making a trade decision.

Trade News Releases with Ease

Using our proven method. Easily capture profit by setting your trades up in advance. No more scrambling before a major release. Price moves quickly and can hit your targets faster when trading these news events.

Currency Strength  

Learn how to identify a currencies strength in comparison to other currencies. This can give you a MAJOR edge when placing your trades. Understanding how to use this data in combination with news releases, makes a very profitable strategy.

Your journey starts here. Take the first step. You deserve to feel confident & to be the best trader you can be.

Our academies & live mentorship empower you with the skill set needed and knowledge to help you build real wealth & time freedom.

Client Testimonials

Here’s what our clients say :

Great indicator, great strategies and great support from group and Ken, most definitely a group I’m sticking with for the foreseeable future

Simple technique for trade entries and exits

It’s virtually all done for you

Ajay B.

This is amazing! Not only does he make trading simple, he offers support! That’s what is most important!

That’s the key to trading; Support. I’m so glad that I made this invest.

Well worth it! Thanks Ken!

Kristy W.

Great indicator and strategy for Forex.

I recommended it if you looking for big break outs in the market.

He makes learning the fundamentals MUCH easier!

Thank you!

Angel G.