Copy - Paste - Profit

Are you tired of losing money in the markets?

You deserve to be profitable in your trading, not just break even or lose money. With our service, we give you access to our top performing traders who will provide trade ideas every day

All this information is available at your fingertips – no more searching through charts and looking for trades yourself! It’s time for YOU to take control!

Very High Accuracy

Over 80% of our trade ideas made money in the last year. These trade ideas come from VERIFIED prop firm traders

Every step of the trade

We follow up on every trade. Giving you entry, take profit and stop loss. We also walk you through each trade until its complete.

Feel more confident about your investments.

Finally, feel confident about your trades and stop worrying! You will see right away our program is the best.

Build your wealth and be financially secure for the future.

If you dont start now, then when will you? Its up to you to take control of your future.


1. Copy

Trade ideas are provided by verified prop firm traders. This includes FTMO, CTI and more

We have a proven system that allows you to quickly and easily copy our high quality trades 

2. Paste

Simply paste the trade parameters. This is AS EAZY as hitting copy then paste. These trades are CRAZY accurate!


3. Profit

We don’t JUST provide the trade idea – We offer active trade management and trading psychology classes. (INCLUDED)

This is a big game changer. Once you learn how to manage your trading account, your earnings are unlimited!

How many trading ideas will you provide :
  • We provide 10-15 trade ideas per week.
What time will the alerts be sent out :
  • This can be around the clock but primarily LONDON & NEW YORK.
What is the win rate :
  • We maintain 70-80% win rate and higher.
Is this automated to my account :
  • No – Each trade idea will be shared with entry, stop loss, take profit AND you will be responsible for taking the trade on your platform.
Do I have to have MT4 :
  • No – We will provide the trade parameters including entry, stop loss, take profit AND you can take the trade on any platform.
Can I do this on my phone or do I need PC :
  • Yes, you can enter the trades on your phone. We will provide the trade parameters including entry, stop loss, take profit AND you enter the trade on your mobile device.
What happens after I sign up :
  • After you sign up or upgrade to CAP you can login right away. Go though our quick start modules and join the live trading room.
Is CAP included with the STS Mentorship :
  • No – CAP is a completely separate program and is not included with any of our other programs.

What our clients say!

Great strategy for Forex. I recommended it if you looking for big break outs in the market. He makes learning the fundamentals MUCH easier! I like this much better then the last program I was in. Thank you!
F Sanz
This is a great program. I recommended it if you looking for big break outs in the market. Much easier to follow this strategy then others
A Garcia
This is amazing! Not only does he make trading simple, he offers support! That’s what is most important! That’s the key to trading; Support. I’m so glad that I made this invest. Well worth it! Thanks STS and the team!
J Burnwood